Special session 2 - Panel Discussion

Oct. 17th 15:20-17:40
Special Plenary Session
"Serviceology: its concepts, theories and applications"

In this session, we plan to discuss fundamental concepts, theories and models of serviceology. We propose a framework of the Value Creation Model for this discussion (see Figure).


We classify all submitted papers into above three classes, moreover we try to classify all papers into another three stages, such as the concept stage, theory/model stage and application stage. Through this classification, all papers are grouped into 9 categories (3 classes x 3 stages). Hot discussion is welcome on these paper surveys.

Moderator: Dr. Masaaki Mochimaru
Panelists (tentative):
Prof. Tamio Arai
Prof. Kanji Ueda
Prof. Hideyuki Nakashima
Prof. Yuriko Sawatani
Dr. Jim Spohrer
Prof. Stephen Kwan

Schedule (tentative):
15:20-15:30 Introduction (Dr. Masaaki Mochimaru)
15:30-16:05 Value creation models (Prof. Kanji Ueda)
16:05-16:20 Peer survey (Dr. Takeshi Takenaka)
16:20-17:40 Panel discussion